The Company was incorporated as Sarana Jaringan Mas, PT. on 29th August, 1986. Company Profile contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, business description, information on products and services, project refference, plus information on Customer of the company.
The Company’s predecessor began its operations in 1986 as a retail trading company. Since then, over the years, the Company has been steadily progressing by taking necessary initiatives to modernize its business processes and by constantly improving its customer services.
In the year 1994, the Company had entered into a technical collaboration with some of Telecommunication Operators of Indonesia such as PT. TELKOM, a government Telco Company. The main objective of entering into this collaboration was accessing technology for the new telco technology. Further in the year 2007. SAJAS expand its business to a Power System, a business line that concentration in the matter of Power source such as Battery and Rectifier.
Board of Directors
Mr. Djaya Maulana, President Director
Mr. Chandra Negara Damanik, Director
Ramliyanto, Commisioner





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