Sarana jaringan Mas, PT known as SAJAS is a leading retail Long-Distance Service Provider that provides a one-stop telecommunication shop for next generation telecommunication solutions. Its extensive products and services Nation Wide long distance of Telco, Power System, Outside Plan, In-Building System, and other integrated telecommunication services.

High-Quality. Efficiency
Extensive Range
Flexible and user-friendly

Corporate Mission
SAJAS aims to be a fully-integrated global Information Technology service provider of alternative, including low-cost telecommunication services by utilizing leading-edge technology in its inovation, value added products and services which meet the specific needs of users.

Corporate Management
SAJAS has grown over the years to include offices and retail outlets in Indonesia all over the Nation. SAJAS is a private company, corporation with Head Office in Jakarta and employs over 70 employes.
SAJAS board of directors and executive management consist of individuals who are experienced in all fields of the telecommunication industry. Their experienced ranges from research and development, to network design and build, to national operations, to start ups, acconting, finance, corporate finance and overall management.

SAJAS is one of the large providers of Information Technology Telecommunications services. The company offers various services, including Power System services and Outside Plan such as Design, Installation, Commisioning, and Maintenance. It also offers National services to all of our product services, its known as In-Building Coverage System. The various brands under which the company markets its product include Sacredsun, Baifa Power, INVT, Sunray, and Goldpower. The company has presence across the nation such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali Nusra, Sulawesi, Papua and other city.

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