SUB-HPOI RF Interface Subrack



Each SUB-HPOI hosts:
• Point of Interface Modules (POI), available for EGSM, DCS, UMTS and Tetra400 bands;
• Splitter/Combiner Module (SC4W) for Multi-Operator systems;
• Triplexer Module (TRI-SC4W) for Multi-Band systems.



Point of Interface module (POI-x)

• RF interface towards any signal source (BTS, Node B, Off-Air Repeater)
• Adjustable Down Link & Up Link RF levels (0-30dB for each path)
• Monitor port for measurements, and/or for remote management
• Duplexed and non-duplexed versions

Optical Transmitter/Receiver Module (TTRCx)

• RF-to-Optical/Optical-to-RF conversion
• Remote Units supported: up to 4 -star configuration; up to 5 - cascade configuration
• Single optic fiber per each Remote Unit (WDM)
• Remote Units supervision and setting over fiber
• Automatic Gain Control for balancing fiber losses

SUB-TRX Optical Subrack

Each SUB-TRX hosts:
• Optical Tx/Rx Modules (TTRCx), up to 4 Modules for driving up to 16 Remote Units;
• Power Supply Module (TPSU), with possible redundancy for increasing the QoS of the whole system;
• Supervision Module (TSPV), only one for the entire system whichever is its composition.

Main Features :
• Frequency range from 380 to 2200 MHz
• Driving capabilities: up to 144 Remote Units (RUs)
• Driving capabilities: Low – Medium – High - Very High Power RUs
• Point-to-point or cascade connection with the RUs
• Optical remote link up to 20 km (12.4 miles), with AGC
• Connection to any kind of source (pico-micro-macro BTS/NodeB/Cell repeaters)
• Duplexed or separate Tx/Rx connection with the source

Triplexer module (TRI-SC4W)

• EGSM/DCS/UMTS Downlink signals combiner/ Uplink composite signal filter
• Able to manage either up to 3 POI modules (Multi-Band Systems) or up to 3 four-way combiner/splitter modules (Multi-Band/Multi-Operator Systems)
• Equipped with built-in 4-way splitter /combiner to drive up to 4 Fiber Optic Transmitter/ Receiver Modules

Supervision Module (TSPV)

• Embedded web server for system control and management via standard web browser
• Local control via Ethernet port
• Remote control via Ethernet port or external PSTN modem or internal wireless modem
• Alarms notification via SNMP trap, SMS, e-mail or dry contacts
• Supporting TCP/IP, SNMP, FTP, HTTP protocols
• Supporting standard and enterprise MIBs

Combiner/Splitter module (SC4W-T40)

• Different uses depending on the application scenario
• Able to manage up to 4 POI modules operating in the same band in Multi-Operator Optical Systems
• Able to manage up to 4 Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Modules in Single-Band Optical Systems


Power Supply module (TPSU)

• AC plug connection on the front
• AC/DC 85-264Vac in 100W 28Vdc out
• DC/DC -72 to -36Vdc in 100W 28Vdc out • 1+1 Redundancy feature supported • RS485 connector on the front



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