SAJAS has all the skills, equipment and experience necessary to install systems wherever they are needed all over the nation. SAJAS has installed systems in some of the most difficult locations conceivable and disaster area.

Installation requirements are a fundamental consideration in the design process, helping ensure that the power system is installed and commissioned quickly and correctly. All SAJAS installations are fully project managed to ensure timely and effective installation.

SAJAS’s also supplies installation and commissioning services for other manufacturers.


SAJAS has extensive experience in supportability engineering and integrated logistic support. SAJAS's experience allows it to incorporate reliability and supportability considerations into product design, ensuring that the product will meet its requirements throughout its service life. SAJAS's capabilities include:

• Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis Safety analysis
• Human factors engineering
• Logistic support analysis
• Lifecycle costing
• Configuration management
• Training needs analysis and development

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